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It’s been over a month now since my class started and the students have been creating some amazing work!

I would never have dreamed how happy this would make me! The artwork posted in the dedicated Facebook group has blown me away! I couldn’t be more thrilled to have inspired such magic! I am so proud of each and every one of them, they have stepped out of their comfort zone, trusted the process, and shared a little bit of their story. Here are some of the beautiful creations!



When I asked my students if they would be willing to write some feedback of the class I was delighted and moved to tears when I heard their inspiring response!

  • “I always thought Katrina would be an amazing teacher and I was right. This class is amazing. I love how well you instruct and demonstrate your process. I love the added videos of inspiration. The encouragement you provide for those taking the class is great too. I’ve learned a lot and I appreciate the time and attention to detail you put in every project. Thank you for sharing with us and I look forward to taking many more of your classes. You are not only gifted but have an incredible heart.”  -Paulette Sheffield
  • “I love the beauty and magic you can find in your everyday surroundings. Your class reminded me to wake up, look around, and not take anything for granted. You also did a wonderful job leading us through the steps to create, making it easy to follow along or head in our own directions with a piece. Fabulous class. Can’t wait to work on my last piece:)” – Pamela Albino Martin
  • I first met Katrina in an online art class and right away we became friends who have shared, encouraged and supported each other in our art journey.
    I knew right away that she was destined for bigger and better things. Her talent is endless with watercolor and acrylics.
    Her very first online class is filled with joy, warmth, inspiration and techniques.

    She is one of the best teachers I have had and I have had lots!
    I look forward to many more classes and witnessing all the wonderful opportunities that come Katrina’s way!” 
    – Fay Badger Goode
  • “I have really enjoyed your class, Katrina. You’re a very inspiring person who lives from the heart, and this to me is something so beautiful to witness. You have generously given your time and knowledge to the students, helping each of us to trust ourselves and become confident in what we do. Your warm, kind, and light energy is also reflected in your work, which is amazing. I’m considering in taking future classes with you, if it is not the very next one (finances) I will for sure take part in others, no doubt. I would recommend your classes to anyone who is in search of artistic knowledge, wisdom, friendship, a boost in life … the warmth of this community is wonderful!” – Ingrid Leva
  • “I really enjoyed your class! Your approach and individual style, it’s something you don’t find so often. Your class is beautiful, warming and personal, you have a gift of making everyone feel good and comfortable with their art and want us to explore and create. I really admire you for all you have put into this class to share your experience and passion,well done!” – Inge Koltes
  • “I love your class! It gave me a boost! There opened a big door of possibilities. In between your lessons I started with the acrylic watercolor style class. There is a lot happening in my life about my health and fighting to be a “normal ” Sandra again. Your class helps me to process it into art. I learn to use symbolism and how to express myself true art. I don’t think you know how much this means to me. Thank you so much for sharing! And thank you for helping me go through this all whitout knowing. The love you put into it is so clear! Please keep going on and make new classes!!!” – Sandra Duvivier
  • “Your work is amazing, and your teaching ability seems to come to you so naturally. You are obviously very warm natured and a caring sharing person, which really does shine through in all you do, and particularly in the way you teach – your videos are so lovely to watch and listen to. You’ve already promised us an acrylic workshop in the new year – we will all hold you to that!” – Val Thomas 
  • It was difficult to actually believe this was your first class Katrina. You put everything across so beautifully and inspired me to want to try your techniques again. Your talent is just amazing!”  – Mo Morgan
  • “I started off thinking it would be fun to learn from Katrina and to discover some of her magical techniques. And yes, all this is true. In addition, Katrina goes deeper and covers inspiration and intuitive painting that brings out even more creativity from the class! It is wonderful seeing all the mystical worlds that everyone is posting here! Thank you Katrina, for bringing us this class! I’m looking forward to many others in the future!” – Lori Heather
  • “I can only join all these so wonderful contributions only and confirm it. I find your lessons wonderful, inspiring, profound with a lot of new, valuable information. As you see, I slowly approach the lessons, so I can evaluate all your painterly work for me. Grandios Katrina, you do your thing and I find this very unique and valuable. Thank you.” – Marianna Danlasterre  
  • “Katrina has been so supportive of my work in another online class and I was so inspired by her work that I had to be in her first class! Watching her excitement while developing the class, even while sick and working another job is amazing in itself. Now that I’m taking the classes, you have taught me so much it’s overwhelming and yet with a sweet voice and gentle nudges at a very calm pace. Thank you for sharing your story and beautiful art.” – Julie Bishop



I am extremely inspired and deeply moved, and I can’t wait to start planning my next online workshop!

I am already brimming with ideas and can’t wait to share it all with you!

I hope to continue to inspire you to keep creating, and keep moving forward!

I would love to have you join me in this class if you haven’t signed up already! I hope to encourage you to discover your creative voice, release that inner magic, and all those emotions we so often keep burning under the surface.


My next class will especially be about that very subject.. discovering your inner voice and releasing your emotions onto the canvas! I can’t wait to reveal more exciting news, and take you along on this wonderfully creative wild ride!

With this New Year comes new beginnings, new creative discoveries, and many new exciting adventures together! 🙂


In the mean time , enjoy watching this time lapse video as I create an intuitive acrylic painting!


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  1. Katrina, you are so very inspiring! Love all you do! Thank you so much for sharing your gifts. Peace, and love ❤️

  2. I adore your art. I am so so inspired. I simply must take a online class. I lost my creative voice for 2 years while I went deeply within to heal some soul wounds. But I feel like the racehorse that has been held back and I am at the gate ready to let go.

  3. Love watching you as your intuitive mind releases another inspiring image.
    Your talent is outstanding Katrina.

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