The Survival and Triumph Event 2017


Dear friends,

I am so excited to be a part of this amazing and meaningful event!

We will be starting starting Sunday the 24th of September and running for 8 days, with 14 amazing artists that include Annie Hamman, Jennifer Bonneteau, Lara Provost, Renata Loree, Jennifer Albin, Lynda Fortin King,Amanda Trought, Donna Davies Timm, Lauren Rudolph, Mystele Kirkeeng, Donna L. Martin, Jenny Doh, Dana Primrose Bloede, and myself 🙂

I am just a few weeks away from the birth of my second child, and can’t be more happy to be able to participate. 🙂

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This event with 14 artists will include about 15-20 pieces per artist with auction pieces, giveaways, fundraisers for Stephanie’s film, and much more!

As some of you know, Stephanie Gagos hosts this auction once a year in honor of the very important film she is creating called


“Letter to my abusers: What I couldn’t say then”.

I really admire her for coming out and being brave by telling her own story, and encouraging others to do the same.

You can read more about Stephanie Gagos’ wonderful project here .



(My offer for this cause will be my painting “Suvivor”)


To me, this theme is extremely personal and important. There are so many things I never dared to say but can finally express through my art.

I, like many of you reading this, have experienced hurt, pain, abuse, loss, depression.

But in life we have to learn to move forward, to be strong, and hold on to that tiny speck of hope that things would get better in the end, that there would be new beginnings, new life, and a new start with light, love and happiness.

Besides my personal experiences, I have also grown up as a relief and volunteer worker together with my family. In those years I have tried my best to encourage, cheer up, and bring a little hope to those that lost everything, in one way or another, and of the very things I have experienced myself.

All of the paintings I have painted in this auction tell a story of exactly those things.

A story of survival, of betrayal, of deep emotions.


 They tell of loss, of hurt, and of the deep need for protection..

But also of new life, new beginnings, and learning to trust once again.. 

Because I know that after the terrible darkness there is always light and peace to be found somehow…


If we can only hold on and be brave.


I hope you will join us in this amazing event! Your support means the world to me and us artists who just want to be brave and share our story (and many others) through art.

And thank you for stopping by!

To get to the auction event & maybe take home a piece that speaks to you, or even just pass by to cheer us on, go here:

The Survival and Triumph Auction Event 2017





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  1. What an amazing and inspirational bunch of artists to gather and do such wonderful work on such important subjects. Particularly when these things leave us feeling so isolated. To stand together and speak out is so powerful. ❤

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