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Hi creative friends and artists

As you know in my last blogpost I was a bit on the down-side and discouraged and had lost that creative fire for a bit. Yes, it happens to all of us!


040 Deep red
Deep Red – By Paolo Ricci


But just a few days ago, I went to visit a good friend of mine. He began showing me his latest work and I got so inspired and couldn’t wait to get back to my studio and start painting!


So today I’m super excited to present to you here on my blog , an amazingly talented photographer Paolo Ricci, who’s work is so inspiring and just plain awesome!



He loves to create these dreamy and fantasy worlds from his imagination with the camera and digital art, just like I so enjoy painting them!



Oops I forgot the faucet on again – By Paolo Ricci

His work is not only super inspiring, but I have also had the pleasure to work alongside him, and on the other side of the camera, where we created some super dreamy and fun atmospheres that makes you want to get out your paintbrush start painting!




003 Pesci e visi 3
The lady of the cliff – by Paolo Ricci

In fact, I have his permission to use all his work as reference photos, which is really exciting, my mind is brimming with ideas already!



You can check out more of Paolo Ricci’s work over on his website where his incredible work is also available for purchase as digital prints! I have seen some of these large prints and they really create some amazing atmosphere where they are displayed.

I also enjoy the titles as they all have an ironic or comical twist, which is both fun and original.


001 Pesci e visi 1
It’s raining fish – by Paolo Ricci

So without much further ado, I’ll let you check out his work and be inspired!


Check out Paolo Ricci’s website here!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!




132 photo.jpg
Katrina Koltes – by Paolo Ricci



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  1. I am so happy you found a new friend and one who inspires you. Your side profile is amazing. This is a big bonus to have the rights to use his photos.

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