Art Walk Alchemy 2019

Hello friends and fellow artists!

I’m excited to finally announce that I will be a part of this amazing, brand-new collaborative workshop called

Art Walk Alchemy

There is an amazing line-up of talented teachers and projects, just wait till you read more!


In this year-long mixed-media course there will be 24 professional artists to educate, inspire, motivate, and celebrate you in your artistic journey. The 2019 theme is Totems and Talismans, and each lesson will incorporate a literal or metaphoric representation of various totems and talismans.

Through this year, you will create twenty-four unique art projects that exhibit different perspectives on this exciting theme. This course is suitable for all artistic levels.

When you sign up for this course you will receive:

  • access to 24 professional artists. Each one will be available to answer questions and support your creativity during their lesson.
  • 24 in-depth video lessons in our favorite six art forms: paper art, clay, mixed media, fiber, jewelry, and painting.
  • a creative community of fellow artists with whom you can exchange comments, share your projects, and interact throughout the entire year.
  • downloadable video lessons.
  • a list of supplies for each lesson. Some supplies will be available in our shop so please check it out. We will also highlight any course packs that we offer.
  • an opportunity to pre-order available course packs.
  • surprises and unexpected freebies throughout the year. (yay!)


In my lesson we will be exploring how spirit animals can help us in our everyday lives, each having a special message to bring, and what they can teach us. Depending on where we are in our life journey and what we are currently experiencing, we can call upon certain spirit animals (even mystical ones) to assist us in our journey and help us on the paths we choose to take. I often work spirit animals, and love to paint intuitively with watercolor or ink, combined with pastels or color pencils. So in this lesson we will explore the possibilities of pastels with one of these other medias. We paint a girl (as ourselves) with the spirit animal we wish to call upon for empowerment and guidance. I strongly believe that by painting these spirit animals we can bring them into our lives and call upon them to help us with whatever it is we are trying to express and achieve at that time.

Here are a few examples of what my lesson might look like:


I hope you will join us on this magical journey for

Art Walk Alchemy 2019!

(Please make sure to use  my name in the drop-down menu or comment section, so you can support me when you sign up! Thanks so much! xox hugs!)






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