Mixed media play date Giveaway

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Hello wonderful artists and creative souls!

I’m super excited to announce that I am a Guest Teacher alongside a group of AMAZING artist instructors in the

Mixed Media Play Date 2019

woohoo! 😀
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And even MORE exciting news is that I can give away a 1 year spot  in this amazing creative community. Continue to learn more….

In case you haven’t heard, let me tell you a bit more about the Mixed Media Play Date.   This is a NEW mixed media collaboration intended to bring you endless inspiration, amazing fun, freedom in creativity and community like no other….
Hosted by Tiare Smith, you’ll be immersed in happiness, gratitude and fun from day one!
Here are some things you can expect from this wonderful program:
  • Monthly Challenges and prizes, 
  • new lessons each month, 
  • weekly new tutorial videos, 
  • creative prompts, 
  • writing prompts, 
  • online pajama parties 
  • dance breaks, 
  • giveaways. 
  • Access to tons of creative content…videos, workshops etc. 
  • Just so much fun and freedom! 
And if you think you don’t have enough time to create, (Hey this happens to me all the time lol!) if you don’t know where to begin, if your inner critic keeps talking and you need someone to lift you up and shut her up (also a classic!), if you need inspiration or you simply want to find your own inner voice the Mixed Media Play Date is for you!
Designed to teach, be a guide, inspiration and a friendly place for you to be yourself and thrive!
I am excited to be a part of this amazing initiative!

While, I don’t have my lesson ready just yet, I have some fun ideas cooking ;D
Any of you who know me know I love love love nature, magic and mystery, which is a HUGE source of my inspiration! 😀

Registration/Membership opens on December 1, 2018, and the fun will begin right away.  Be sure to bookmark this page so you can join the moment it goes on sale.

And now for the good stuff!

 I can give away a 1 year spot on Mixed Media Play Date to one lucky person,yay! 

Entering is easy, just
  • Join my mailing list here
  • Share this on social media like Facebook, IG, twitter, etc
  • Leave a comment below letting me know you shared!
I will announce the winner on November 30th!

What’s more, you can have a double chance to win a spot by entering here as well.

See you there and good luck with the giveaway! 😉
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The Bundle of Good is back!


Hello wonderful creative soul,
I hope you are doing well 🙂
I’m back today with some exciting news and that is….
drumroll please… 😛 ……….

Art Bundle for Good #3 is NOW OPEN, yay!

I’m super excited to be contributing for the second year.
This chance only comes for a few days in a year, so It won’t be around for long!

Art Bundle for Good Timer

The Bundle of Good $4000 worth of courses, workbooks, ebooks and other resources on topics like painting, watercolour, brush lettering, drawing, mixed media arts, digital illustration, creativity, marketing your art, and more all bundled together for one low price.
For those of you who purchased the last Art Bundle for Good, you’ll be happy to know that 94 of the 100 resources are all new.

We have some of the most inspiring instructors like Tracy Verdugo, Olga Furman, Tamare Laporte, Flora Bowley, Annie Hamman, Lucy Chen, Renata Loree, Effy Wilde, Lauren Rudolph, Tiare Smith, and myself! 😀

Over 90% are video based online courses!

This is an amazing opportunity to get 100 art resourses at a ridiculously low price. Art is such a great investment in your creativity, personal development and happiness.
The Art Bundle for Good is the perfect investment in yourself…I might just purchase it for myself again this year 😀



25% of the Art Bundle profits are going to support Courageous Kitchen, a Bangkok based charity helping refugees. Get some top art learning resources from many of the biggest names in the industry and do some good at the same time.
Isn’t art the best investment for our mental and spiritual health? It really has been for me!  

I purchased this bundle last year and I can say it was so worth it. And this year it looks even more amazing with an awesome selection of 100 online classes, ebooks and products from some of the top art and creativity instructors… imagine how it can help us grow in our art journey right? 😀


Below is a product list of all the resources included in the bundle.

I hope you will be able to get yourself to this special treat and invest in your art journey! <3 (I know you deserve it!)

Much love, and have a wonderful day. xox

P.S. The Art Bundle is backed by a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.




  1. Mixed Tape Volume I (Effy Wild – effywild.com) Value $80
  2. 7 Course Track: Beginner Breakthroughs (Pencil Kings – pencilkings.com) Value $105
  3. Color Theory for Artists: A Complete Beginner’s Guide (Patricia Caldeira – doncorgi.com) Value $100
  4. Journey with the Light (Tamara Laporte – willowing.org) Value $23
  5. Using Critical Analysis to Improve Your Drawing Skills (Michelle Tabares – michelletabares.com) Value $25
  6. Rock Your Online Art or Craft Shop Class (Jennibellie – journalworkshops.ning.com) Value $103
  7. Fawn and Forest(Micki Wilde – secrethermit.typepad.com) Value $48
  8. Animal Antics (Tracy Verdugo – tracyverdugo.com) Value $65
  9. Digital Illustration: Develop Your Own Style (Sydney Height – othellophi.com) Value $59
  10. Mini Gut Art 2015 (Mystele Kirkeeng – mystele.com) Value $50
  11. “Into the Myst” Workshop (Katrina Koltes – katrinakoltes.org) Value $57
  12. Back 2 Back Collage (Dina Wakley – dinawakley.com) Value $75
  13. Creative Explorer Lessons (Andrea Gomoll – andrea-gomoll.de) Value $91
  14. Abstract Watercolour Flowers (Iris Fritschi-Cussens – iris-impressions.com) Value $45
  15. 5 Landscape Pack (Colin Bradley – colinbradleyart.com) Value $26
  16. Watercolor with Me: Fun & Fabulous Flamingo (Jessica Sanders – colormecreativeart.com) Value $25
  17. Angels Escape (Renata Loree – renataloree.com) Value $45
  18. Selling Notebooks & Low Content Paperback Books On Amazon $199 (Rob Cubbon – robcubbon.com) Value $199
  19. Mandala and Leaf Painting Workshop Bundle (Faith Evans-Sills – faithevanssills.com) Value $70
  20. Create Fun Patterns Easily For Sketching, Doodling and Lettering (Shelley Hitz – yourcreativeadventure.com) Value $39
  21. Intuitive Mandala Mediations (Shelley Klammer – expressiveartworkshops.com) Value $39
  22. The Tangled Sanctuary – Zentangle-inspired Art Journaling (Sadelle Wiltshire – sadellewiltshire.com) Value $39
  23. How to Draw Eyes Accurately – Part I – Sketch (Emmy Kalia – emmykalia.com)  Value $5
  24. The Creative Inspiration Bundle for Artists (Bonnie Glendinning – theartistsmentor.com) Value $90
  25. Painting Watercolor Textures (Andy Walker – artclasspro.com) Value $30
  26. Monochrome Love (Olga Furman – olgafurmanart.com) Value $36
  27. Colorful Portrait, Limited Palette (Lucy Chen – lucychenfineart.com) Value $29
  28. Bloom True Bootcamp: Thirty Days of Prompts to Ignite Your Creative Fire (Flora Bowley – florabowley.com) Value $39
  29. Character Design Crash Course: Dynamic Design in Four Steps! (Melissa Lee – melissaleedesign.com) Value $45
  30. Flying Free Art Journaling Class (Jennibellie – journalworkshops.ning.com) Value $52
  31. The Gift of the Present (Mary Beth Shaw – stencilgirlstudio.com) Value $29
  32. Meditation Girl (Tamara Laporte – willowing.org) Value $23
  33. Masterful Art Journaling (Dina Wakley – dinawakley.com) Value $65
  34. What’s in a Face? (Mystele Kirkeeng – mystele.com) Value $40
  35. Learn to Paint an Abstract Landscape Painting (Jacquie Gouveia – jgouveia.com) Value $40
  36. “Soul Whispers” workshop (Katrina Koltes – katrinakoltes.org) Value $34
  37. Vintage Whimsy in Wax (Diana Riukas – serenitystudioart.com) Value $53
  38. My Inner Wizard (Jenny Grant – flowbyjenny.com) Value $35
  39. The Tale of Two Sisters (Karine Bosse – kabostudio.com) Value $35
  40. How to Draw Majestic Animals: Cats | Master Drawing Animals (Patricia Caldeira – doncorgi.com) Value $80
  41. Chalk It Up Mixed Media Course (Angela Kennedy – pennystamper.blogspot.com) Value $40
  42. Mandala Fun – Hand Drawing in Symmetry (Jane Snedden Peever – jspcreate.com) Value $35
  43. If The Crown Fits Mixed Media Project (Nadine Larder – nadinelarder.com) Value $70
  44. Fearless Expression (Annie Hamman – anniehamman.com) Value $75
  45. Draw Islamic Geometric Patterns With A Compass And Ruler (Samira Mian – samiramian.uk) Value $63
  46. 8 Course Track: Getting Started: Doodles to Full Cartoon Figures (Pencil Kings – pencilkings.com) Value $120
  47. Painting large with Encaustic (Lora Murphy – loramurphypaintings.com) Value $60
  48. Mixed Tape Volume II (Effy Wild – effywild.com) Value $80
  49. Jump Trust Repeat (Jessica Swift – jessicaswift.com) Value $77
  50. From Acrylics to Oil Painting in 5 Easy Steps (Malcolm Dewey – malcolmdeweyfineart.com) Value $25
  51. DIY Recycled Flower Embellishments Video Tutorial (Jennibellie – journalworkshops.ning.com) Value $11
  52. Faux Metal Enameled Painting – No Kiln Needed (Prerna Poojara – prernapoojara.com) Value $30
  53. Drawing Cartoons (Colin Bradley – colinbradleyart.com) Value $26
  54. Painting the Eye (Lauren Rudolph – laurenrudolph.com) Value $35
  55. 30 Texture Ideas (Keren Tamir – kerentamir.com) Value $25
  56. A Journey Into Colour (Iris Fritschi-Cussens – iris-impressions.com) Value $25
  57. How to Blend with Colored Pencils – Draw a Sphere (Emmy Kalia – emmykalia.com) Value $5
  58. French Cursive Calligraphy Online Course – A Tour of France (mary-jane roussel – creatuto.com) Value $20
  59. Herb Studies Workshop (Kelly Johnson – wingswormsandwonder.com) Value $15
  60. Soulful Portraits 1 (Renata Loree – renataloree.com) Value $45
  61. Colour Vibe (Donna Munro Art – donnamunro.net) Value $30
  62. Digital Illustration: Color Mastery Level 1 (Sydney Height – othellophi.com) Value $59
  63. Create Beveled Lettering in Adobe Illustrator (Natanael Gama – ndiscovered.com) Value $23
  64. Designing and Drawing Meaningful Interiors That Tell a Story (Michelle Tabares – michelletabares.com) Value $43
  65. How to Draw Like a Master- Drawing a Hand (John Battalgazi) Value $30
  66. Fantasy Florals: A Mixed-Media Art Journaling Tutorial (Jessica Sanders – colormecreativeart.com) Value $20
  67. Getting Started with Brush Lettering (Jenn Coyle – hellobrio.com) Value $29
  68. Painting Skin Tone with Watercolors (Melissa Lee – melissaleedesign.com) Value $24
  69. Miniature Succulent Garden | Polymer Clay Sculpture (Stéphanie Kilgast – petitplat.fr) Value $30
  70. Let’s Make a One Page Auto-Biographical Comic (Michelle Tabares – michelletabares.com) Value $31
  71. Impressionistic Poppies on Glass (Jennifer Bonneteau – jenbonart.com) Value $25
  72. Introduction to Drawing – 10-Week Drawing Course for Beginners (Brenda Hoddinott – drawspace.com) Value $20
  73. Be A Heart Beginner Modern Calligraphy Workbook (Erica Tighe – beaheart.com) Value $15
  74. How to Make a Value Scale (Emmy Kalia – emmykalia.com) Value $5
  75. Writing and Designing Memorable Characters (Michelle Tabares – michelletabares.com) Value $43
  76. Social Media Strategy for Artists (Alix Sloan – practicalartists.com) Value $29
  77. InDesign, Illustrator & Photoshop For Complete Beginners (DesignTuitive – designtuitive.com) Value $40
  78. Acrylic Painting for Absolute Beginners: The Complete Guide (Ashley Picanco – ashleypicanco.com) Value $15
  79. Mixed Tape Volume III (Effy Wild – effywild.com) Value $80
  80. Flowers: a Step-by-Step Guide to Master Realist Techniques in Graphite and Colored Pencil Painting (Veronica Winters – veronicasart.com) Value $16
  81. “What I See” Painted Quilts (Mystele Kirkeeng – mystele.com) Value $15
  82. French Cursive Calligraphy Workbook – A Tour of France (mary-jane roussel – creatuto.com) Value $12
  83. Asking a Shadow to Dance (Mary Beth Shaw – stencilgirlstudio.com) Value $19
  84. An Artist’s Survival Guide (Malcolm Dewey – malcolmdeweyfineart.com) Value $3
  85. Veggie Studies Workshop (Kelly Johnson – wingswormsandwonder.com) Value $15
  86. Be A Heart Brush Lettering Workbook (Erica Tighe – beaheart.com) Value $15
  87. How to Draw Gesture (Stan Prokopenko – cubebrush.co/proko) Value $15
  88. Digital Illustration: Color Mastery Level 2 (Sydney Height – othellophi.com) Value $59
  89. Soulful Portraits 2 (Renata Loree – renataloree.com) Value $45
  90. Designing Clothing For Characters (Linda Vuorenvirta – linda-vuorenvirta.com) Value $17
  91. Angel of Letting Go (Tiare Smith – embrace-your-art.teachable.com) Value $20
  92. Productivity for Creative People (Mark McGuinness – lateralaction.com) Value $8
  93. Turn a Little into a Lot (Tamara Laporte – willowing.org) Value $13
  94. Figure Drawing From Life: Tools, Techniques, and Tricks (Donelli J. DiMaria – donelli-dimaria.pixels.com) Value $10
  95. How to Draw, Shade Realistic Eyes with Graphite Pencils – Part II – Shading (Emmy Kalia – emmykalia.com) Value $5
  96. Summer Lovin Art Journaling Lesson (Jennibellie – journalworkshops.ning.com) Value $6
  97. Create Beautiful Abstract Artworks on iPhone / iPad (Jorge Luis Miraldo – shorsh.com) Value $8
  98. Design Your Own Fonts. Plus A Bunch Of Typography Secrets. (Natanael Gama – ndiscovered.com) Value $46
  99. A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Travel Journaling (Michelle Tabares – michelletabares.com) Value $37
  100. Learn How to Shade with Charcoal and Graphite Pencils (Emmy Kalia – emmykalia.com) Value $5

Art walk Alchemy sneak peek

Hello fabulous creatives,

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and found some time to create 🙂

Today I wanted to share with you a little sneak peek of my lesson for
Art Walk Alchemy 2019, yay!

This is a mixed media lesson where we paint very intuitively using collage, acrylics, pastel on canvas, sealing everything with cold wax.
I am super excited to share this lesson with you and see what you all will come up with!
You can read more about this year-long workshop in the link below. 🙂


You all know how I love working with my animal spirit guides and totems so this was especially fun an intuitive to create 🙂

I hope you will be joining me and 24 other teachers for a year of mixed media inspiration!


See you there!



Bundle of good Giveaway

Hi everyone! Exciting news…The Art Bundle Giveaway is here again, yay!

This amazing bundle is offered only once a year and everyone can enter to Win $4000 of Art Courses and Resources!
Three lucky winners will be selected to win the bundle of 100 digital art resources from dozens of top art instructors and companies… And it doesn’t cost a thing to enter! 

I have 2 workshops in this bundle, and there are tons of other resources from some of the best teachers out there like Annie Hamman, Renata Loree, Tamare Laporte, Lucy Chen, and much more!
Go here to enter in the giveaway, and stay tuned for when sales opens next week!


Good luck with the giveaway!