About Katrina

I cimg_9454ome from a big artistic family with seven brothers and sisters. I was born in South East Asia and we grew up travelling all over the globe, doing volunteer and relief work alongside my parents. Although we are German i grew up speaking English, immersed in international cultures and ways of life.

Together with my mom and sisters i was able to paint murals in pediatric hospitals and emergency rooms, bringing a little bit of joy and creativity to otherwise bleak surroundings.


I moved to Italy when i was nineteen, as I’ve always been drawn to it’s rich artistic culture and beautiful scenery, inspired to explore my own art. i often create with my five year- old son, who has a wonderful talent, and never ceases to teach me that art is all about pure expression and spontaneity, without pre-conceptions or the fear of making mistakes. To create for the joy of doing it, without worrying about creating a masterpiece, and just following our intuition is a liberating way we learn to express ourselves.Paintbrushes closeup, artist palette and multicolor paint stains

Watercolor and acrylics are some of my preferred mediums. In playful experimentation I am able to discover an unexpected perfection. I also enjoy art journaling and mixed media, as it relies on organic expression, and my work is often inspired by a blended collage of time spent in nature, or my travels. I like to imagine a story behind some of my paintings, mysterious adventures and worlds of whimsical fantasy where everything is possible. I constantly challange myself to keep moving forward in my art, and to take a little time each day to be creative, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. We can never stop learning in our creative journey, expressing our own authentic voice through art.


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  1. Hi Katrina, i bought Art Bundle & i am typing in the password provided by Art Bundle for The Art of Expression but it is not allowing me access. Can you please help me? Many thanks, kari fox

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