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Hello wonderful creatives!

Are you ready for a watercolor adventure? 😀

I’ve been wanting to create this class for some time now, as you know how much I LOVE watercolors! But most of all I love to combine them with both surreal and nature-related elements to make some beautiful, dreamy portraits! I’m going to show you my methods of layering washes of vibrant watercolors to get that luminous transparency I so often use in my paintings.

While we will be exploring portraits and expression with watercolor, I will also show you different ways I like to combine them with other elements like flowers, animals, abstract shapes and patterns, to tell a visual story.

This class is for whoever wants to loosen up and get familiar with your watercolors, learn how to draw and paint dreamy portraits with luminous skin tones, explore tons of new techniques, gather loads of inspiration to set your imagination running wild! 😀

I hope you’ll join me in this fun and inspiring watercolor adventure! xox

“Take time to do what makes your soul happy”




Before we dive head first into our main lessons, I like to get a little loosened up and just have a little time to play. We will get to know our watercolors better (using our journal as practice ground where we can go wild!) and try out different effects like layering colors, splashing, dripping, and having fun! We also get warmed up with our other tools by doodling and creating interesting line-work. This is a real time of play! Let’s get crazy and fall head-over-heels for those gorgeous watercolors! 😀



Butterfly dreams2

In this first lesson, we begin with a front-facing face as I demonstrate in detail how I like to paint the eyes, nose and lips, creating depth and volume with a limited palette. We will explore the effects of layering with watercolor to create luminous and delicate skin tones (even with a limited palette), all the while combining our portraits with elements of nature to create those dreamy, surreal paintings I so love creating! We also use an addition of color pencils, while I demonstrate how they can add extra depth and detail to a watercolor painting.



In this next lesson we move on to creating a more challenging angle of the face, as I demonstrate once again, step by step how to draw and then paint an upturned face. We will also have lots fun re-creating all those abstract shapes of watercolor we practiced in our journal to create transparent layers creating a dreamy, transparent effect. We continue to add elements of nature into our painting, exploring the addition of interesting line work and doodles, adding our personalized marks to create a fun, visual story.


20170724_145345 copia.jpg

In our third lesson I show you that drawing and painting the profile is not as difficult as it seems. We will connect with our ‘wild woman’ and express our creativity and playful creation by experimenting techniques, keeping it loose and intuitive. Again we create a visual story, this time by adding in our spirit animal or guide or totem, and just being open to whatever our soul wants to express!



I wanted to include this special bonus lesson just to show how fun it can be to add some collage to our paintings to give it an extra little touch of originality and story-art. I spent the weekend by the sea, and was inspired to sketch this while watching all the sail boats pass by. I then took it back to my studio where I filmed painting it and mounting it onto a wooden panel, create a frame of collage, and get it ready to hang by adding a protective, archival layer.


Price € 61

(approx $ 69)

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What will you learn in this class

We will be covering several topics and techniques such as:

  • Getting familiar with our watercolors
  • Exploring various portrait faces such as: front-face, up-turned face, and profile, with step-by step drawing and painting.
  • Layering with watercolors to create luminous glazes and delicate skin tones
  • Paintings the eyes nose and mouth in detail with watercolor
  • using additional elements of nature in our portraits to tell a visual story
  • combining watercolor with color pencil techniques to create depth and detail
  • exploring additional doodles and line work with ink pen
  • layering abstract shapes of color to create fun effects
  • painting an animal in watercolor
  • keeping our watercolor loose and spontaneous, adding splashes and drips
  • adding fun collage paper to your watercolor paintings (bonus lesson)
  • mounting our watercolor painting onto wood panel and adding a ‘protective layer’ (bonus lesson)
  • and much more…



What kind of supplies to I need for this workshop?
You don’t have to go buying everything on the list, many things might be substituted for materials you already have! Below is a list of tools I will be using, along with links. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions!


  • Watercolors *(I don’t use many colors in this class! I mainly use JD’s small bright set of 12, but please use what you have and most especially, the colors you love!)
  • Watercolor paper * – preferably 300gsm (both cold press and hot press if you want to explore the differences of painting on them with me)
  • A couple paintbrushes: * (I normally use 3 sizes,  large 12 round for washes, a medium round 8, and a 2 for details.) If you don’t have any yet and are looking for good ones for watercolor check out the Princeton Neptune
  • a straw and rubbing alcohol
  • color pencils in various shades that you have your watercolors*
  • A fine-line ink pen (I use the carbon ink pen from platinum) *
  • A white ink gel pen (I use the Uni-ball Signo pen from Mitsubishi)
  • Some pretty collage papers, for the bonus lesson – (optional)
  • A wooden panel, gesso or wood primer, mat gel medium, a brayer, a fixative spray, and Dorland’s Wax medium – for the bonus lesson (only necessary if you want to try the technique of mounting your watercolor onto the wood panel the bonus lesson)

*essentials for this class


  1. Once I sign up, will I receive a password?  –  You will get an email with the confirmation of the sign-up, while the classroom links and password will be sent out the 1st of September when the classroom opens.
  2. Will we do the exact artworks shown on this page? –  Yes, the photos in the “project description’ are the actual paintings we will be creating in each lesson.
  3. What is the difference between this workshop and the previous watercolor one “Into the myst”? While they are both about intuitive, watercolor painting, this workshop concentrates on exploring this medium in all it’s techniques. We will concentrate mainly on faces and different face angles, while “Into the Myst” is more about story and fairytale art.
  4. Is this workshop also suitable for beginner artists? Absolutely! I go through all the projects step by step. This is both for beginners who want to learn new techniques and discover ways to create expressively, but also for experienced artists who are interested in expanding their skills with new ways of expression, while getting lots of inspiration boosts.
  5. Will these videos be downloadable? Yes
  6. How many videos will there be? Between 18-20
    For how long will the class be available? For as long as I’m in business (A lifetime hopefully)
  7. Will there be a dedicated Facebook group? Absolutely! You will get an email with the link to sign up when the classroom opens. You are not required to join, but it is highly recommended as I will be able to give feedback and support there. It is also a great way to connect with others from the workshop, and share your work or get inspired from others.
  8. Can I sell the work I created in this workshop? Absolutely, I will be happy if you do! Of course I would really appreciate if you give credit to the class it was inspired by 😉
  9. Do I have to buy everything on the supply list? You can you have! I would at least suggest a few good artist-quality colors, and a couple sheets of good paper to get the most out of this class!
  10. Can I give this class as a gift? Yes ofcourse! After its paid please send me the name and email of the person you gifted it to so I can add them to the list!

Price € 61

(approx $ 69)

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Here is some of what the students are saying of this class:

  • I have loved to be able to finally start using my watercolors that have been sitting in my drawer waiting for the day to start painting, and what better way than drawing dreamy girls portraits as well! Just really so happy to have come across your stunning art and classes Katrina! -Sandra Kingsley
  • This class has helped me along with confidence in my creative journey especially in watercolor . A very supportive and caring space to share and grow with other like-minded people . Tons of creative fun too!!  – Susan Morrison
  • I have been very nervous of using water colors up to now. This class has really helped me understand and become confident with this medium. I really don’t think I could be without my water colors now! Would highly recommend Katrina classes to anyone. -Debbie Jamison Kershaw
  • I have already learned so much and what I love about the lessons is that I want to do them over and over again! You learn so much and they are so inspiring! – Kathryn De Ford 
  • The warm up was a huge help in breaking through the “fear” I have associated with watercolors. The love and support you give, has been a gift in this journey of creativity! -Michelle Fiore Wimmers
  • I’ve gone from frustration with watercolor to looking forward to the next project ! Using watercolor brushes instead of acrylic brushes and hot press paper have really helped. Love this class! –  Luanne Green 
  • You have helped to unblock me from using watercolors. You opened up a whole world to me! I’m on a new Journey with watercolors and never would have been if weren’t for this workshop! I thought it was a fabulous adventure!!! – Robyn Weinrib
  • Because of the repeated times you painted a face it really had a chance to nurture my understanding of the medium. I definitely have seen an improvement in my ability to paint a face with watercolor and for that I am so grateful to you. Your style of teaching and telling us why you were using color here or water there made learning very easy. – Catherine Valenti 
  • I never really was interested in watercolor as I thought it would be to difficult for me to learn but after taking Watercolour Dreams it is now one of my favourite mediums. You really explain well in your lessons how to achieve a well planned, beautifully blended layout. I still have much to learn but now have the confidence to explore watercolour. Thank you so much for that. -Dianne Theresa Lacourciere
  • I never thought I could paint such beautiful, delicate faces. Thank you! – Sherry Porter Moore
  • If you want to learn watercolor with an amazing teacher, Katrina is the ONE! Not only does she give excellent instructions….she is available to help or answer questions….that’s a big deal for me! – Fay Badger Goode
  • I have learned watercolour shading in new ways that has helped me be more relaxed with creating and not stressed out, the course has also helped me expand with my art supplies mixing it with watercolour, Katrina is an awesome teacher and I love her teaching, I learned a lot from this course! -Om-Ra Ra
  • I love your teaching style! Although I have a long ways still to go, the things I learned in this class have dramatically improved my watercolor skills; such as, mixing skin tones and not getting hard edges. Thank you so much! You keep teaching classes and I will keep attending. -Laurie-Joe Sweeting
  • I’ve learnt so much about colours and layering. Have always been slightly scared of watercolours and tend to give up as I think its far too technical for me. But your videos explain everything and you made it so much more accessible and easy to follow. I was literally bouncing with joy when i saw my girl’s face emerge with real skin tones and form. You’ve changed my attitude to watercolours as now i really want to do more. Thank you! – Lesley Lacrombe
  • I truly loved your style of teaching, first and foremost. It’s very calming and encouraging and relaxed. I always avoided drawing different angles of the face, but your class challenged me to do it, and I am so happy I tried! Also, being totally new to watercolor I learned so much about technique (starting with very light, diluted layers and building up from there), creative backgrounds and just playing without worrying to much of where it’s going. I enjoyed this journey!!! Thank you Corina Anatavada




I can’t wait to see you in class!