“Painting with feeling”

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Hello everyone!

I’m SO excited to finally share with you this online workshop!

After my last class “Into the Myst” hosted by Ivy Newport, I have been eager to return and share more of my journey and story. I know many of you have long-awaited this workshop, and to be honest, although I was eager to do another class, I was almost afraid to share this more intimate side of my art, where I knew I would feel, well, kind of vulnerable. I think that’s the most difficult part in creating. We share a part of us that is often hidden to others. We expose a glimpse of our soul.

I believe we all have an amazing story to tell.

We all have strong emotions we may be afraid to expose, or maybe, just don’t know how.

I would like to show you my methods, and how I do this. It’s certainly not easy, and I struggle with it every time I paint. But I hope this can inspire you to try it yourself and find your own expressive voice. To really feel what you are painting, and transmit some of that through your pencil or paintbrush.

It may be a crazy ride, and it’s certainly not going to be a walk in the park.

This workshop is for you if you have been looking to awaken that soulful side of your art, get out of your comfort zone, learn new techniques, and take it another step .

I hope you will join me in this amazing adventure of finding your own authentic voice.

A journey of soulful expression through art!



“There is something in every one of you that waits and listens for the sound of genuine in yourself. It is the only true guide you will ever have.” -Howard Thurman


Price €57

(Approx $ 65)

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(all videos downloadable)

Here is a description of the projects we will be doing:

Project 1: Expression

A few of the multiple projects we will be doing in this lesson.
In our first project we will start with a warm up of different quick expressive drawings with simple limited tools. This lesson is all about getting to know your materials and different types of paper, while discovering the variety of light strokes or fast strokes, soft lines or angry lines, all to create an outcome that reflects our mood and emotions! This is a wonderful practice, and there will be different videos on different tools and substrates, of which we can also do in our journal if desired. With simple materials such as charcoal, wet or dry; pastel and gesso; or charcoal with watercolor. You’ll be surprised how fun and liberating this exercise is!

Here is a video of some of the student work for this first lesson…the emotion in these pieces are mind blowing! 😀

Project 2: Emotion

Project for lesson 2    “Behind the Mask”
Now that we loosened up we will taking it a little further and paint a complete acrylic and mixed media portrait. In this project we will study facial features, and how to transmit feelings into the face and particularly, the eyes, and the importance of using hands in our portraits to create extra drama and feeling. While I show you my methods on how I create luminous skin tones, layering and contrast, we will combine these with additional elements that suggests  a story for the viewer to interpret. I’m sure you will enjoy this intuitive process as much as I do!

Project 3: Movement

Project for lesson 3  “Free again”
In this third lesson I will show you how I like to create movement in my art to portray a dreamy, emotional effect. The project we will be doing is this painting in the photo above, where I will show you how I map out my painting composition, draw a full-body portrait, and add a dramatic background that tells a visual story and creates the mood of the piece. We will also study the importance of color combination, and how that evokes different emotions to tell a visual story. Using acrylics to achieve this, I will show you how I create a ‘glow effect’ by layering and creating contrast… You will love this one!

Project 4: Drama


In this project we will be drawing a male portrait! I think we often tend to shy away from painting a male face because it’s scary! I admit it.. But it’s not as difficult as it seems, as long as we notice the differences and apply this when drawing and painting. I will show you my techniques and how I plan this. And, we will be painting none other than my handsome brother, who kindly gave us his permission to use the photo from his new film, “The Passport”…(Thanks Mike!)  So we will begin with a charcoal drawing warm up, and then go on to painting him with acrylics. Now let’s have some fun!



Price € 57

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(All videos downloadable!)

What will you learn in this class

We will be covering several topics and techniques such as:

  • Expressive, intuitive portraits
  • Creating movement in a full-body painting
  • Layering with acrylics
  • Creating a visual story with simple elements
  • The importance of facial expression
  • Creating contrast through layering
  • Quick sketching and with simple tools, and how to transmit emotions through different strokes
  •  Drawing and painting a male portrait
  • Drawing and painting hands and how this can add drama to our portraits
  • 15055613_10153845102732096_2901338113501114399_nhow to create luminosity and a glowing effect with acrylics
  • Painting a female portrait and expressive eyes
  • Adding a dramatic backdrop to tell our story
  • And much more….


What kind of supplies to I need for this workshop?

You don’t have to go buying everything on the list, many things might be substituted for materials you already have! Below is a list of tools I will be using, along with links. I may add something as I work through the filming of the projects. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

Paintbrushes closeup, artist palette and multicolor paint stains


  • Charcoal* (charcoal pencils, various sizes and types, white charcoal, kneaded eraser, blending stump)
  • XL charcoal and/or XL graphite (certainly not necessary, but fun to use)
  • Watercolor paper* (either in loose sheets or in a block, I use both cold and hot press in the different lessons)
  • A watercolor journal and/or any different types of your favorite paper (I will be using handmade Khadi paper in some of the warm up lessons as well)
  • Pastel paper or just cardstock paper for charcoal drawing
  • Acrylics* – Some of your favorite colors plus the primary colors, titanium white and Paynes gray (Some others I used so far are Teal, Magenta, Dioxazine purple, ultramarine blue, cadmium yellow, Naphthol crimson, Pthalo blue, Alizarin crimson, Cadmium red light, Burnt umber, Iridescent gold .) (fluid or heavy body)
  • Paintbrushes* (of various sizes, my favorites are Filbert for shading and blending, and Round fine liner for details)
  • Watercolors…one or two of your favorite colors. (I used black and a red)
  • an ink pen (preferably water proof. I use a fountain pen from Platinum)
  • Color pencils (or pastel pencils)
  • White gesso
  • Glazing medium
  • Stencils and paper ephemera or napkins
  • matt gel medium
  • Inktense blocks or water-soluble crayons (for the bonus lesson)
*essentials for this class



Questions and answers:

  1. Once I sign up, will I receive a password?  – Yes you will get an email with the classroom link and password within 24 hours of your payment.
  2. Will we do the exact artworks shown on this page? –  A few shown are  the ones we will be doing in the lessons, whereas some are just examples of the type of projects we will be doing. As I complete all the lessons I will update the photos on this page.  
  3. What is the difference between this workshop and the previous one “Into the myst”? While they are both about intuitive painting, this workshop concentrates more on expression and creating a certain type of mood in our painting. We will also be concentrating more on acrylics in this workshop, while the other class was mostly watercolor. We will also be studying expressive drawing with charcoal and mixed media, something I didn’t cover in the other workshop..
  4.    Is this workshop also suitable for beginner artists? Absolutely! I go through all the projects step by step. This is both for beginners who want to learn new techniques and discover ways to create expressively, but also for experienced artists who are interested in expanding their skills with new ways of expression, while getting some inspiration boosts.
  5. Will these videos be downloadable? Yes
  6. How many videos will there be? Around 20+
  7. For how long will the class be available? For as long as I’m in business (A lifetime hopefully)
  8. Will there be a dedicated Facebook group? Absolutely! You will get an email with the link to sign up on the 20th of February. You are not required to join, but it is highly recommended as I will be able to give feedback and support there. It is also a great way to connect with others from the workshop, and share your work or get inspired from others.       
  9. Can I sell the work I created in this workshop? Absolutely, I will be happy if you do! 
  10. Do I have to buy everything on the supply list? Of course not, you can use the tools you have! I would suggest though that you have at least some of the “essentials” for the class (marked with a * on the supply list).
  11. Can I give this class as a gift? Yes! After its paid just send me the name and email of the person you gifted it to.  

I can’t wait to see you in class!