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I’m thrilled to offer this mini mixed media workshop for your self-study!

This was my lesson in Paint your heart and soul 2017, so for those of you who missed my lesson there you can now enjoy it here! All the videos are downloadable and you have lifetime access!

In this workshop I will go through the process step-by-step of how I created the above painting of Soul Whispers.

There are a total of seven videos including the intro, plus a special bonus video where create a dreamcatcher! This is a fun little arts and crafts project you can even enjoy making together with your kids or grandkids (I made one together with my on too!)  🙂

What will you learn in this class:

  • Getting familiar with watercolors
  • A step-by step drawing and painting with watercolors, pastel and acrylic.
  • Layering with watercolors to create skin tones
  • Creating intuitively without planning too much, & just letting our heart guide us
  • Combining watercolor with mixed media such as acrylic and pastel pencils
  • Applying texture elements with watercolor to create special effects
  • Creating a simple dreamcatcher for your home
  • And much more…

What kind of supplies to I need for this workshop?

You don’t have to go buying everything on the list, many things might be substituted for materials you already have! Below is a list of tools I will be using, along with links. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions
  1. Watercolor paper (I used Canson block, 140Ib, 12×18’)  
  2. Graphite pencil for the sketch 
  3. Various sized Paint brushes 
  4. Salt, a straw, gauze, stencils or any heavy textured paper or cloth that will leave a mark (see first video for examples) 
  5. White gel pen (optional)  
  6. Watercolors (You can use your favorite colors, feel free to use what you have! I used Daniel Smith: Quinacridone genuine gold, quinacridone coral, quinacridone rose, rose of ultramarine, and Phthalo blue.
  7. Acrylics (I suggest the fluid acrylics from Golden if you have them, otherwise heavy body diluted with a lot of water and glazing fluid works ok too. I would avoid matt craft paints as they wouldn’t work so well for this project.) the colors I used are: Phthalo blue, Dioxazine purple, Teal, Quinacridone burnt orange, Payne’s gray.  Pastel pencils or Color pencils (optional) I used the colors: Teal, Yellow, White, Purple and Hot pink.
  8. Pastel pencils or Color pencils (optional) I used the colors: Teal, Yellow, White, Purple and Hot pink.

Price € 30

(Approx $34)

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(All videos downloadable!)


I hope to see you in class!

Usually all access details are sent within 48 hours of purchasing. If you have any questions, or haven’t received the email please contact me at